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Rest - Packaging, Release Dates, etc

March 27th, 2008

The Kora Records, our US label, has released the following regarding our new album, Rest:

Gregor Samsa’s new album Rest will soon be available in 4 different formats. 
Unlimited Edition
Limited Edition of 500
Collectors Edition of 30


The digital format should be available via all standard digital outlets on April 1st.


The Unlimited Edition is a custom die cut gate fold CD sleeve of heavy black stock with print by our friends at Stumptown Press.
Release date May 13th.


The Limited Edition of 500 takes a copy of the unlimited edition and encloses it within a folio with a rivet and sting closure and also adds an 8 page rivet bound book of extra artwork and lyrics. All binding and riveting is done by hand at the TKR office and all pieces are hand numbered.
Available for Pre Order starting April 8th and ships aprox. the week of the 24th.


The Collector’s Edition of 30 is a special project undertaken by Gregor Samsa and The Kora Records to commemorate the release of Rest and our love for the album. The Collectors Edition arrive in an vintage metal Super 8 film can as Gregor Samsa has made several films which will surface as the album is released. This can will be stamped by hand with the album title and the number of the edition. This can will contain the extra print from the Limited Edition that has been die cut for this edition as well as a custom made and finished walnut disc with a steel and rubber hub on which the cd will rest . The walnut disc will also serve as film reel. One of the films Gregor Samsa has produced for this album will be printed to Super 8 film and each copy of the Collector’

s Edition will come with its own section of that film.
Available for Pre Order first week in May.

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